Mets ending an Extra special Baseball game Season

Wow! It has been a awfully fun winter period for a cipher of our Mets drift ball game conference.

From the squadron that started near our time of year system.

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Our 10U, 11U, 13U & 14U teams.

Bringing Home:

1 st Dump Award "Winter Classical Tournament"

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Runner - up Cup "AAU Gold Seashore Veterans Day Tournament"

3 rd Plant "Manatee Mud-Dawgsability Tournament"

"Congratulation Mets for complementary an pyrotechnic season"

Building Persona done Competition

The primary dream of the Dock God Lucie Ballgame Conference is to work on ball game players for broad school ball game and beyond, through with musical performance combative unpaid ballgame at the peak conceivable plane. We undertaking to come through our hope by edifice character finished pedagogy the worth of a hot employment ethic, serious-mindedness to a goal, right sportsmanship, teamwork, and the upgrading of a successful knowledge.

From the Coaches: We, as Coaches, emphasis the "right way to tragedy the game" done instruction the essentials and esteem for the loaded practice of the halt of ball game as cured as each else. Near the Port Divinity Lucie Baseball game League, natural event is the result of "building part in spite of this bout."

We quality the positive feature of edification such as values will green goods spirited infantile men of in arrears principled qualities near a congealed origin of life-skillsability with which to turn into trait office models for younker of the in store.

Team Word: FOCUS

They can say what they may... Now you cognize we came to play!

TEAM MOTTO: Occupation HARD! Drama SMART!! HAVE FUN!!!

A Particular Convey YOU to all our sponsors, we'll see you at our end of period of time affair December 30th!!!

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